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Eightydays.me \ ООО Туринг Апп 

R&D офис белорусско-американской компании Eightydays, Inc., которая в 2017 году запустила конструктор путешествий Eightydays.me

Eightydays.me is the smart and effortless way to design your travel itineraries. We offer an all-in-one trip plan search, from commercial flights, trains, buses and ferries to hotels and vacation rentals through Airbnb and Booking.com. 

Our algorithms, website, mobile app, and AI-powered backend help save time, money and energy by comparing top travel opportunities to show the perfect trip at the cheapest price. 

Our UI makes it easy to visually choose, optimize and edit results to get an awesome adventure. 

За свои два года мы были представлены: 

  • ILMC 2015, London
  • Midem 2015, Cannes
  • Стартап Года Беларуси 2015 - Главный приз
  • ILMC 2016, London
  • Midem 2016, Cannes
  • Tech Crunch Disrupt 2016, San Francisco
  • Tallinn Music Week 2016, Tallinn
  • Colisium 2016, Saint Petersburg
  • MaMA event 2016, Paris
  • Стартап Года Беларуси 2016 - Главный приз
  • 10th Annual Crunchies 2017, San Francisco
  • Midem 2017, Cannes
  • TOP-100 The Best European Startups, 2017
  • Tech Crunch Disrupt 2017, San Francisco
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