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Media Audit Belarus – an independent local company providing services in the field of media and digital
consulting and learning, marketing research in Belarus.
Our experts have a deep knowledge of the modern media market and professional experience on both
the advertising agency and the advertiser side. We do not represent neither Sales House or media group
and, accordingly, are not interested in selling advertising in a particular medium. We are not an
advertising agency and, accordingly, our fee does not depend on the size of budget accommodation.
Key business areas:
 Media audit. Media Audit helps advertisers in their efforts to maximize return on media
investments. Media audit provides Advertising Audit and Risk Management services for
organizations across Belarus covering a wide range of industries. While each client company is
unique in its marketing and advertising requirements and mix, they all share an improved
understanding of financial process and benefit from enhanced controls and risk mitigation after an
 Digital consulting and learning transform the challenges of marketing in the digital age into
opportunities for high performance. Media audit’s experts help companies across Belarus
determine not what digital will do to them, but what they will do with digital. We help our clients
invest wisely by working with them to answer the key questions business
leaders are asking about digital
 First Media school Belarus It’s the first learning programme produced by the
Byelorussian team of experts using methodology of European Association of
Communication Agencies (EACA) and it aims to enhance the knowledge of
professionals with regards to commercial communications.
In our work we are is using the project management approach, which enables operation in the field of
consulting and training, requiring the implementation of changes at all stages of advertising!
Main facts:
Media Audit - a leader in media auditing in Belarus since 2013 - Local company founders – Dmitry
Grigoruev and Angelika Babey• A team of 4 media professionals, leading experts level not lower than the
media director. • The portfolio of hundreds of audit reports, dozens of trainings and consulting projects
conducted by more than 10 tenders •
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